Sunday, March 4, 2012

Really "Early" designs for Character Timeline Assignment

The first pass at the character timeline assignment. I went with Mayan's, but everyone else is doing I am most likely shifting it to Afican or Egyptian. Damn 2012 pushing the period I wanted to do. Talum Mexico has amazing reference photos too.
Above-The One they love
Personality: Bubbly/ abrasive/oblivious

Above-Comedic-Cannibalistic Pigme turned Voo Doo Doll
Personality: Lost in the thoughts of flesh and pain
Character: The Unsung Hero- 192 year old witch doctor
Characteristic: bold, forgetful, ambitious. Wants to save her people
The Villain: Villain- Spanish explorer set on discovering new worlds and taking them over,at any cost. His goals are
all that matter. Very Self indulged.
Characteristic: Self centered, belligerent, oblivious, aggressive

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