Thursday, January 31, 2013

Passing of Time

It has been the better part of a year since I have posted much of anything on here. I've had A LOT of situations family wise that have otherwise distracted most of my attention. The art bug hibernated so to speak for these last few months. With demo reels and portfolios currently due coming up, or rather, I should have work done now.

I'm a realist, but I don't lack imagination. I realize I am in one of the worst spots for getting a decent internship this year based on work I've output, to be blunt, it is...mediocre to horrible.

I have not given up though, no, quite the opposite. While it may be unrealistic, my imagination or ambition know no bounds. I have given myself until the end of February to create and post the best work I am have done in my life, to the date, for those reels and portfolios.

I might have to process some of the applications myself outside of the schools online portion, but I'll do what I must to bounce back and get on my feet again, and at a new plateau artistically. I use that word so loosely, as I have never considered myself an artist. In my mind M.C. Esher, DaVinci, Bernini , Keane, Deja,and the hundreds of people working in the world as artists, they are the definition of that word. That in itself is what I strive to be, and until I've stepped foot through my first studio, my first job and learning experience, I considering myself a humble student, ready to learn and evolve.

Will post soon all,