Saturday, November 19, 2011

She rules the Damned -Drawing a day #1!

Line weight,something I rarely do,and really need to start.
Blue Pencil sketch, I still like this one better, I always like my original sketch over the clean up. I like it rough! Wait... haha.

This is drawing #1 for a drawing a day! Me and a friend in my class (I'll link his blog once he UPLOADS IT) are doing a dual of sorts. MORE a "draw more " challenge and improvement tool then a dual. But the idea is to, no matter what, update your blog with a finished work by the end of each day. So, starting today, hopefully a lot more coming your way internet!

I don't know why, but I was into an egyptian styled "queen of the dead" mood. Or that's what I drew anyway. Thoughts? Fire away. Comments too!

Drawing #2 coming soon!

So I still can't paint :D

The bottom is the tonal used out of the 3 we were supposed to do for light sourcing. And above that you'll find, my painting failure...yeah. THe idea was a dragon skull over a throne, which lies dormant waiting for a new king. The colour scheme planned was very cool,this , just ,didn't work. I suck with paint. Really have to limit my pallet and learn a few things.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

that'll do pig...or will IT!?

So, every scan and photo I took are corrupted besides sir oinks a lot here. So, I'll have to try uploading again tomorrow once I re-scan an entire sketchbook. Sweet. D:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

DFA back from the dead

sorry,photos are from iphone 3. not the best camera. Know what was the best? Being there ;D

Story Beats...

You have to read the middle image and then the top one for the story beats, and this was an assignment for school. I'm now boarding it,and the story is far more developed, but we started with taking the phrase(Each class was given one) and running with it. I went with the monster under the bed fighting the monster in the closet for the boy in an all out brawl! The designs have changed slightly,I'll post them when the story boards are finalized!