Wednesday, May 11, 2011


He got me in. The tribal warrior, that after almost 5 years of applying,and drawing,and doing whatever I could to improve,that got me into Sheridan College. Over the coarse of that five years, I did apply and get into a few other colleges,but at the time, I had so many friends at the school, and so many reasons to stay. The other colleges I had successfully gotten into were Emily Carr, I don't recall if I got in,but I got a pretty decent score from Cal Arts, I always came close to getting in at Sheridan,the last three years were within meager points to get in.

I could sit here,rant,or talk about all the years,and what I did. When it comes down to it though,that's in the past,and all those years have put me where I am now. My class is awesome,and while I've had over 100 friends come and go as they have graduated ahead of me, I can't see myself being in class with anyone else.

I could sit here and mention dozens of people right now (now that I realize), for now a general thank you to those that have helped me over the years,and to the friends I've made, I couldn't ask to know better people. You guys n gals are all awesome!

here are a few friends websites, as their stuff always serves as inspirational material when I'm stumped.

Until next time kids,I'm off.

Darnell D Lysius-Dicette

Kal Tcherkezov (graduate)

Johnny Koester (graduate)

Frank Macchia (graduate)

Myke Bakich (Tutored me)

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