Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011, BAZINGA!

So,this is the first thing I've drawn for 2011. I haven't drawn a marvel character,let alone a villain, in a long time. I might take it upon myself to draw out the rogue gallery as much as possible for spiderman. I think Kraven and Scorpion,and possibly doc oc are next. We shall see.

Hope your all having a great 2011 so far, cheers to a good year all.

1 comment:

  1. ...m'kay.

    focus on your gesture. it's not only a life drawing tip, but can easily be translated into character design. watch your foot placement - his right foot? ouch. if your foot would bend that way in real life, you'd need crutches. his legs don't quite make sense. i can't really differentiate whether his left leg is coming towards me or if the right one is just twisted to a different angle. the left arm would make a bit more sense if it was pushed back and a little smaller - just to reinforce that it's a little farther away. right now, it looks like he's more so ready to pick out the lice off a kindergardeners head than he is ready to attack. also, reconsider what you did to the head. the gob's still human. could a human skull really fit in the head you've got going on there?

    you've got a good, basic start. build up on it. push it further. keep it up!